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Josef Hoflehner, ”Southland, Los Angeles, California”



Josef Hoflehner, ”Southland, Los Angeles, California”


Memories of a Recent World Cup


Las night I wrote this post about the World Cup and I planned on ending it like this:

"And if you go out to the streets of our cities right now, you’d think that we won, because thousands of people are there celebrating and the white, yellow and sky-blue colors are all around".

I was about to…

happy monday!

Arctic Monkeys: from men of the people to tax-dodgers

"Their shtick reached a peak at this year’s Brit awards, when in an incoherent and semi-nonsensical speech, he posed as the plucky underdog, arguing that rock’n’roll was a force of rebellion that could still smash through the “glass ceiling” keeping it down (ironically, if anyone could afford a glass ceiling, of purest Ravenscroft crystal, it was Turner). For this, he was celebrated by the NME with an unintentionally hilarious call-to-arms cover, depicting Turner as a latterday Kitchener with the headline “Rock’N’Roll Needs You”. The same NME, a week later, gave a Villain of the Year award to One Direction’s Harry Styles. Styles, interestingly, had actually spoken out on tax avoidance, urging the chancellor to crack down on loopholes, while Turner & co were happily diverting their dollars into exactly such an enterprise. Sadly, so was Styles: it soon emerged that 1D themselves were channeling their cash through holding companies in Ireland to avoid UK tax.”

day 2

Testing the Waters…

I Think Roxy Music is just about as important as the Velvet Underground

This Summer

Avey Tare, Blood Orange, Grimes, Phoenix, Mac Demarco, Little Dragon!

And like probably a few others…

but if Grimes plays that new song I might just shot myself in the face

Cleaning out the closet before bigger things next week